Our Mission

The mission of Foundation Markets is to employ our strategic expertise to help clients and investors alleviate capital markets risks, to assist with the challenge of timely access to growth capital, and to provide a full complement of executive skill set. Our team focuses on the creation of a lasting relationship with each client to impact a business and create results.

About Foundation Markets

Foundation Markets is a private merchant bank located in Toronto, Canada. The Foundation Markets’ team provides capital and domain markets expertise in combination with corporate matter advisory. In particular, we take a hands-on approach to incubate early stage private and public companies focused on rapid growth.
The Foundation Markets approach is centred on developing and executing strategic financing plans, and enhancing governance structures, with a proven track record of Merchant Banking services success.

Strategic Partnerships

Oak Hill Financial

Oakhill Financial provides frictionless access to investment managers in the Canadian retail brokerage networks. With a track record of success, Oak Hill financial takes pride in their wide variety of strategies in numerous asset classes. Foundation Markets is pleased to maintain a strategic partnership to utilize Oak Hill Financial’s knowledge, platform, and access for the benefit of our clients.

Branson Corporate Services

Branson Corporate Services Inc., provides outsourced corporate services without a significant permanent financial commitment. Their reliable team of professionals provides accurate and effective services at a reasonable cost for our clients without having to employ extra staff. Foundation Markets is pleased to utilize our strategic partnership with Branson Corporate Services to assist our clients with bookkeeping, CFO assistance, and other financial services.

Plexus Media

Plexus Cybermedia is an independent communications marketing agency. For some of our clients, Plexus Media acts as the marketing arm behind their brand and business. Using a combination of content, design, strategy, and technology, Plexus Media helps to connect people to a client’s brand and inspire action. Foundation Markets’ strategic partnership with Plexus Media offers our clients an opportunity to work directly with a trusted marketing and communications agency familiar in the same domains of expertise that we are.