Domain Expertise

Foundation Markets expertise spans a range of industries in the private and public sector. Our experience and track record of success proves that we are able to adequately counsel and finance various types of businesses across industries.


The Cannabis industry is booming and Foundation Markets has been involved since marijuana’s introduction into the North American health and legal system. Our team is ready to assist you with our years of expertise in this new and exciting industry.

  • Robust dealflow sourcing capabilities
  • Extensive network of licensed operators in US and Canada
  • Regualtory expertise in multiple jurisdictions
  • Capability to structure complex cross-border transactions
  • Debt and equity financing capabilities in private and public markets


The technology sector is always innovating and developing. Our team is ready to focus and strategically support your technological vision to ultimately drive toward success and growth.

  • Robust network of entrepreneurs in North America
  • Inroads with early stage institutional investors
  • Capability to structure private-to-public transactions to assist the clients with securing the capital necessary to achieve long-term growth

Metals and Mining

Foundation Markets has specific experience working with several different companies in the metals and mining industry. Our expertise will assist your business in achieving the success and financial security that you’re looking for.

  • Extensive network of geologists, engineers and mining executives on all five continents
  • Technical expertise to evaluate projects and develop financing framework
  • Access to private and public markets with over $30 million raised for early stage clients since the firm’s inception
  • Ability to source projects in various stages

Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas industries remain a key cornerstone of our everyday transportation, heating, and a number of other daily activities. Foundation Markets has domain markets expertise in this arena and we’re ready to assist you in navigating this booming industry.

  • Extensive network of engineers and industry executives
  • Technical expertise to evaluate projects, develop financing frameworks and position the issuers for long-term growth
  • Access to private and public markets
  • Ability to source projects in various stages

Renewable Energy

Smart, clean, and renewable energy is becoming a large part of our global energy consumption. Our Foundation Markets team is ready to assist you and your team.

  • Robust network of entrepreneurs, executives and financiers in North America
  • Focus on raising early stage capital to drive the project to the financial close
  • Project sourcing capabilities
  • Technical expertise to evaluate projects and determine most optimal sources of capital
  • Experience in private and public markets transaction

Real Estate

The Real Estate market in Toronto and other major cities across Canada has been on the rise for years. If your business needs expertise or assistance with financial services or investment in this industry, the Foundation Markets team is ready to step in.