Our Services

Our team provides financial advice, growth potential, and capital/technical markets experience to your early stage public or private company.

Merchant Banking and Incubation

Foundation Markets is a private merchant bank located in Toronto, Canada. The Foundation Markets’ team provides capital and domain markets expertise in combination with corporate matter advisory. In particular, we take a hands-on approach to incubate early stage private and public companies focused on rapid growth.
The Foundation Markets approach is centred on developing and executing strategic financing plans, and enhancing governance structures, with a proven track record of Merchant Banking services success.

Capital & Domain Markets Expertise

Hands-On Approach targeting rapid growth

Designed for Early Stage Private and Public Companies

Investment Banking

Foundation Markets provides various investment banking activities to public and private companies. Our team can assist with corporate finance advisory and debt and equity financings. Foundation Markets prides itself on creating a tailored approach for going public transactions to best suit the needs of each client.
Beyond financing, the Foundation Markets’ approach is to ensure the successful implementation of a strategic plan, assist with any challenges, and capitalize on new opportunities to create further value.

Tailored approach for Public and Private Companies

Corporate Finance Advisory

Debt and Equity Financings

Financial Advisory

Foundation Markets is focused on creating and maintaining ongoing strategic relationships with each client that we work with. Our team’s ongoing financial advisory services understand and work to fully realize a company’s fundamentals, core strengths, vision, and growth opportunities.
Some of the services we provide include; merger and acquisition assistance, restructurings, assisting with audit and financial statement preparation, and assistance with management services. Foundation Markets works side-by-side with a company to consolidate the key elements of the business into a prioritized strategy.

Maintaining a strategic relationship

Understanding growth opportunities

Assistance with key management services